2017 Solar Eclipse

What is it?

A total solar eclipse will occur on August 21, 2017.  The moon will appear to completely cover the sun in the sky, leaving a huge shadow in the middle of the day.  The sun will also be peeking out from behind the moon, making a halo appear.

How can I see it?

To view the solar eclipse properly without hurting your eyes, you MUST be wearing eye protection from eclipse glasses.  Unfortunately, the eclipse will not be visible from Edisto, but it will be a wonderful viewing in Charleston, only an hour away.  You can make a day trip of it and enjoy wonderful restaurants and historical sites and entertainment in Charleston.  There are also official watch parties happening in Charleston for which you can purchase tickets, like the eclipse party hosted by MUSC (available for all ages.)

Why should I care?

Total solar eclipses are very rare.  If you have the opportunity to see one yourself you should take it! It is the first solar eclipse visible in the USA since 1979 and there will not be another until 2108. People will travel all across the country to be in the line to view the eclipse.  We invite you to do the same and to make an Edisto vacation out of it!

Where Can I Stay?

Luckily for you, Atwood Vacations has plenty of rentals available for you to stay in while you take in the eclipse! The eclipse is on Monday August 21st and we still have rentals with available weeks. Start your search here or browse a list of our rentals by turn day: FridaySaturdaySunday or Monday

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