Adventure in Edisto!

Who loves finding sharks teeth on the beach, or anywhere for that matter? Everyone! At least they should. Treasure hunting just never gets old and can be quite addictive for some people. Did you know that our ACE Basin of the South Edisto River is a treasure chest in it’s self? Grab your swim suits and sun block and head out for a day of treasure hunting with the guides and expert fossil finders at ACE Basin Adventure. Owners and operators Joey and Daryl started treasure hunting them selves on the weekends. Their hobby evolved as rapidly as there passion for fossil hunting. Eventually they created an air pump for the boat that allowed them to hook up from extended air lines and stay down longer with out the hassle of running out of air from scuba tanks. After taking a few friends out the requests stared pouring in and friends started crawling out of the wood work. It was time to go pro. Cool right? Can you imagine swimming just under the surface of the water guided by seasoned treasure hunters and pulling up an ancient Megaladon tooth the size of a 5 gallon gas can? Or bringing home hundreds of sharks teeth and other fossils after just one afternoon? It happens quite frequently with these guys, just another day in the office. So as you make your plans for your Edisto Adventure make sure to give the guys a call at ACE Basin Adventures and line up a day for the whole family to dive into history! Ace Basin Adventures Owned and operated by Joey and Daryl tell them your Atwood key number and get a discount on a group of five or more! Call and book today 704-763-5826 or 843-709-1017

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