Best Day Ever

Every day on Edisto is a good day.  As many of you like to put it, a bad day on Edisto is better than a good day any where else. For some, the peace and serenity that can be found on only the beaches of Edisto lend itself to make a special day the best day ever.  For others, it is having three generations of family under one roof for the first time in twenty years that makes a remarkable day the best day ever. Everyone’s version sounds different.  Some love the solitude of a quick nap from a hammock while others enjoy the sound of their children frolicking on the shores of the St. Helena Sound.  Some seek the beauty of sunset at Botany Bay while others prefer kayaking through Scott Creek on an overcast summer afternoon peeking in on the bounty of life that call Edisto home.   What does your “best day ever” look like?

Does in come served in a frosty glass?
Is your best day found where the water meets the land?
Does your “best day ever” involve getting a little dirty?

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