Edisto Is…

• Crossing the bridge and feeling the stresses of life melt away while calmness and peace wash over like an afternoon rain. • The Mystery Tree…perfectly decorated for every holiday. • A King’s Market chicken salad sandwich and an Orange Crush in the bottle. • A grocery cart full of goodies- beer, water, soft drinks, chips, bread, lunch meat and a box of fried chicken compliments of THE Pig. • Dolphins feeding, jumping and slapping their tails at the mouth of Big Bay Creek. • Driving down Botany Bay Road in the dappled light of the mossy oaks…a magical cathedral of wonder. • A bike ride on a hot pink beach cruiser to McKonkey’s for a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone. • Throwing the cast net with the setting sun outlining a million sparkling droplets. Will it be a doughnut or a taco? • Conch shells hidden like jewels among oyster shells, driftwood, shark’s teeth and other broken treasures of the sea. • Fishing boats returning to the marina at the end of the day. No Wake Zone. • Waves roaring, laughing gulls bellowing, children playing and hearts slowing to a calm and peaceful beat. • Seabirds of all shapes and sizes perching, flying, fishing and calling to one another…pieces of live art in the marsh grass. • Cold watermelon, cupcakes and juice boxes handed out from the back of a pickup at the end of the Fourth of July parade. • A hot shower outside combined with the refreshing ocean breeze after a glorious day on the beach. • The mile long line at the Lion’s Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for Bingo. • A perfect dinner of boiled shrimp, tomato pie, squash fritters, sweet corn, sliced cucumbers and icy chunks of field-ripened cantaloupe…everything “in season.” • Volunteers walking at dawn looking for the unmistakable track of the elusive Loggerhead turtle…another season for the Edisto Beach Turtle Project. • Families gathering on the Sound to witness the majestic hot pink, orange and red hues of a perfect sunset. Everyone claps when it finally disappears below the horizon. • An ice cold beer with a tangy lime floating on the surface with salty boiled peanuts still warm from the pot and a rocking chair on a screened porch. • Paddling in a kayak and witnessing a baby porpoise learning hunting techniques from mom.  

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