Edisto Seafood

Edisto Seafood has been a staple here for over 40years. Opened in 1964 and currently run by the third generation of Fontain’s this family run business is the only place to get Edisto shrimp. Supplied by the only shrimp boat left on Edisto, the Sara Jane, on a busy summer day they can sell more than 300 lbs of shrimp and in the off season about 25 lbs per day. We Edistonians eat a lot of shrimp! The season opens in June every year to commercial shrimp boats. The season varies from year to year according to the winter before and each species of shrimp has its own season. The row shrimp have the first season after the DNR has established enough row has been laid for the next generation. Brown shrimp is next followed by the white shrimp with the longest season of all. The public has its season as well bringing in smaller catches with daily limits. Using cast nets and drop nets with bait to attract the shrimp. A license is required and the DNR makes frequent stops to check for permits and quantities. Come on down to Edisto and enjoy your shrimp diner with a little more insight in to the shrimp and the area.

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