Island Biking!

Did you ever hear that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget? Now when was the last time you rode a bike? How about a beach cruiser around a tiny beach town complete with a basket on front and a smile on your face? I’ll admit it; I did just that not too long ago thanks to our neighbors at Island Bikes and Outfitters. We had a group of friends visiting the beach and we decided to get bikes for the day. What an amazing way to get around Edisto! We biked all through the miles of bike paths, to the grocery store, fish market and the beach. Taking a cruise down the side roads in the cool night air sent us back to child hood days when your bike was your greatest possession and your only limitation was your curfew. If water sports are more up your alley check out the selection on kayak rentals they have and go explore our vast creeks and tributaries. The store is full of great buys from clothes and shoes to biking, fishing and boating accessories not to mention countless other must haves. If you have lots of tots in your group you might need to rent a golf cart to make the rounds from the house to the beach and every place you can think of when you realize how fun driving the cart around is! Make sure you stop by Island Bike and Outfitter and take a look around!