Atlantic Ocean vs. St. Helena Sound

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the “Sound Side” of the beach versus just, the Beach? Do you enjoy boogie boarding or body surfing a wave crashing to the shore? Or, is your preference to float and relax in gentle waters enjoying a beverage or conversation? Maybe you’ve noticed on our rental home location filter that you can search for a home by “Beach Front” or “Beach Front on The Sound”. But what does this mean?

If you visit the beach anywhere from the Edisto Beach State Park to about the 3000 block you will be enjoying the Atlantic Ocean. Older children (of all ages!) who enjoy jumping or riding waves will have a blast on this side of the beach. After crossing the 3000 block all the way down to the 3600 block you will find yourself at the St. Helena Sound or “the Sound Side” of the beach. This section of the island is a protected area away from the energy of the ocean. Smaller children, just being introduced to the beach, may find this section a little less intimidating.

Islands surrounding this coastal inlet—Edisto Island, Otter Island, St. Helena Island, Harbor Island, Hunting Island and even Fripp Island—create a barrier from the Atlantic resulting in calm waters and an excellent expanse of beach for shelling. Included in this 7.5 miles stretch of water are the mouths of the Ashepoo, Combahee and south branch of the Edisto rivers which make up what is known as the ACE Basin.

There is no wrong choice in deciding where to drop your beach chair! All of Edisto Beach offers the tranquility found when gazing the horizon, the healing salt air and the water crashing or lapping the shore.

Celebrating Vacation Rental Week, March 9-13, 2020!

The first annual Vacation Rental Week has just wrapped up and Atwood Vacations & Real Estate was a proud participant! We’d like to use this opportunity to review and highlight the value and key benefits of professionally-managed vacation rentals for both guests and property owners alike, and to encourage you to book a stay or choose a professional manager to rent your vacation property. 

Vacation rentals present you with a unique opportunity to create a more personalized, memorable vacation experience when compared with traditional hotels. You’ll have the practical comfort of an actual residence, the ability to explore the neighborhood, and the opportunity to discover aspects of your destination you might not encounter when staying at a hotel. If you’re vacationing with a group of family or friends, vacation rentals are an excellent option, typically offering multiple bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and easy access to local entertainment. 

For property owners, renting your second property through a professional manager can be an easy and reliable revenue source, transforming it into an asset that offers a significant return on your investment. You’ll also be able to use the property when you choose, spending your own vacations there with family or friends, while renting it to guests the rest of the year. 

A professional vacation rental manager will handle all the logistics, securing responsible guests, and maximizing your return through an expert understanding of the industry and in-depth knowledge of the local community. They’ll also advertise the property, handle inquiries, collect deposits and balances, generate agreements, and follow-up post-rental, so you can sit back and simply enjoy the experience. 

For guests, benefits to highlight include:

Better Value: Additional space, privacy, and amenities—all included.
Endless Options: More available properties, more variety, and more destinations worldwide.
Comfort of Home: Guests can create a more personalized, memorable vacation
experience with the comfort, safety, and convenience of a private residence.
Local Flavor: Greater opportunity for an authentic, localized experience.
Flexibility: Vacation rentals in your own region are often driveable, allowing you to be
flexible with your travel plans.
Great for Groups: Multiple bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and easy access to local events, entertainment, and fun.

For property owners, benefits to highlight include:

Easy and Reliable Revenue Source: Renting a second property transforms it into a
valuable and reliable asset that offers a significant ROI for many years to come.
Vacation When Convenient: Owners can use their property for personal vacations,
while renting to guests the rest of the year.
Hassle-Free Renting: Rental managers handle all the logistics of renting a property,
with an expert understanding of the industry and in-depth knowledge of
the community.
Tax Deductions: Owners typically have the ability to deduct mortgage interest on their properties along with other expenses related to the rental.
Impacts on the Community: Supports the local economy by facilitating guest spending locally and job creation.

Atwood Vacations is a proud member of VRMA and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about booking a vacation rental or listing your home as a vacation rental. Get in touch with us today!

McConkey’s Far and Wide

McConkey’s tasty food and family traditions were the last things I expected to hear about as my daughter and I visited our chiropractor earlier this week.  Not only was it out of the ordinary for a chiropactor’s office conversation, it was the fact that chiropractor is an hour and half from Edisto!  Good food is always on the mind of most foodies, and Dr. Dawn was excited to tell us about her first motorcycle trip she had planned with her boyfriend on their new bike. She asked him if he knew where he was taker her on their first motorcycle trip.  “Yes.  To Edisto so you can go eat at McConkey’s” he replied. Dr. Dawn was beaming as she talked about her upcoming trip to Edisto.  She went on to elaborate on what a tradition it was for her whole family and even even rattle off the favorite dishes of a few members of her family.  That is not the type of enthusiasm you see or many restaurants and it go me thinking about what a magical little place McConkey’s has become.  It is the full package when it comes to a great place to dine.  Wonderful food, family friends, great and interesting decor and a friendly staff you see year after year keep inviting you back in.    Thank you McConkey’s for being such a big part of the Editso experience and a part of our lives.  I know we have some great family memories there.  What are yours?  

King’s Market

The bounty of Summer can be seen all over Edisto. You can’t miss King’s Market on your way to Edisto Beach. This lovely family owned market is adjacent to the farm where much of the produce is grown. Legendary Edisto tomatoes can be purchased along with what is in season. This June, you can find sweet watermelons, heirloom tomatos, eggplant, peppers, okra, sweet corn, etc.

Everything is grown without pesticides. It is a true Edisto experience that you cannot pass up. You can’t overlook delcious pies and casseroles to take to your vacation destination.

Every vegetable has a story a King’s. Just ask Bonnie! She can tell you where, when, and who picked that delectable ear of corn. You can even pick your own berries when in season. Just last week, we picked quarts of blackberries. Strawberries are best in the spring.Overall Summer on Edisto tastes like King’s!

What’s that?

Hello Sunshine! After an unusually cold and wet winter for Edisto that included not one but TWO snow flurry showers, the balmy breezes have returned! We celebrated at Atwood by throwing the front doors open and dancing in the 72 degree magic like the crazy, pale, sun starved people we are( 50 degrees for two weeks was just more than we could handle!). After our short celebration it was back to work on what is sure to be another amazing year here at Atwood.

New and amazing things have happened here, one of which you will not want to miss; we have a new staff member by the name of Virgil D. Pug. This amazing, googly eyed love pug is well worth the trip into the office to pick up your keys! Unfortunately he is unavailable for stays in the rentals as his schedule stays full most of the time. In addition to Virgil, we have updated our rental list and will be featuring some exciting new additions to our lineup. To check them out visit our webpage at

In more serious news, the Town of Edisto Beach is busy preparing for another busy year and is focused on making our many community events even better than last year. So don�t forget to mark your calendars for the fishing tournaments, art festivals, shag parties and BINGO! In addition to the social calendar, our turtle count did great this year thanks to our wonderful park service and volunteers. Make sure you sign up for a turtle talk and walk at the state park while you are here, it is great fun for kids and grownups alike!

Until next time,

Keep Exploring!


Welcome to Atwood Vacation’s very new blog and website. We hope that you find our new site easy to use and beneficial to finding your dream vacation home. We offer homes and condos to fit any budget in your quest for the perfect escape on Edisto. Now that the weather has shifted from the cold, wet winter we’ve experienced (along with the rest of the Southeast) to a stunning, warm spring, we’ve experienced a deluge of calls requesting information about summer reservations. We would encourage you to call early and book the home you desire the most. In order to celebrate the launch of our new site, Atwood would love to offer you $75 towards your week long reservation, not previously booked. Please use the code BLOG when making your reservations before May 1, 2010. Our new site is just one of the many changes at Atwood. We have created a new guest guide that you will receive when you stay with us that offers you and your family great ways to save on shopping, dining, and entertainment. We’ve also started the Atwood Advantage program, giving you ways to save with every visit. We hope to see you this season for an unforgettable, relaxing vacation. Share your past vacation memories with us! Send your favorite photos of Edisto to for a chance to have your photo published on our blog and newsletters and receive 10% off your next vacation. Please be sure to describe your photo in less than 200 words and attach your contact information.

Vacation Planning Tips

We want the process of planning your vacation on Edisto Beach to be as pleasant as visiting this beautiful island.  Whether you are seeking a summer vacation for your family or a short weekend getaway during the spring, these tips should be very useful for making the most out of your experience.

Insider Tips For Vacation Planning

  • Our website is accurate and real time. Every home has a floor plan and video tour.
  • Departure cleaning is always complimentary when you stay three or more nights. We offer two night stays, but the cleaning charge becomes a guest fee. Sometimes the price difference between and two and three night visit is minimal.
  • We always accepts nightly visits from Labor Day through the third week in May.  There’s no need to delay booking your dream home.
  • We are always offering excellent specials!  Keep in touch and regularly check our specials page. We are currently offering some amazing discounts on weekly winter visits and homes with heated pools.  If you are planning last minute, make this your first stop!
  • The Edisto Eats Finale Cook Off is on March 15.  Don’t miss this is a wonderful event if you’d love to celebrate the culinary excellence of Edisto.

Upcoming on Edisto Beach! Edisto Eats Food Festival & Ultimate Chef Competition

March 19th marks the date of the 6th Annual Edisto Eats Food Festival and Ultimate Chef Competition. If you have had the opportunity to attend in past years, you know that it’s a fun filled event that also helps to support an awesome cause. Proceeds from the festival as well as from events leading up to it go to benefit Edisto United who help the local youth on our island to succeed.

The festival on March 19th is from 12:00pm – 5:00pm and there is a $5 suggested donation at admission. The parking lot of McConkey’s Jungle Shack at 108 Jungle Road will be filled with various craft and food vendors, beer and wine stations as well as fun activities for children, all accompanied throughout the day by the rhythmic tunes of local band, Edisto Gumbo. 

The days featured event is the Ultimate Chef Competition. Leading up to this battle over the title of “Ultimate Chef” there have been two preliminary competitions — the first taking place at Pressley’s at the Marina and the second at Finn’s Island Grill. At each event a secret ingredient was carefully procured and presented to the teams. Each team was then faced with the challenge of creating menus incorporating the secret ingredient into an appetizer, entrée and a dessert. Tickets for these events included the six mini courses as well as wine pairings! The winning team from each preliminary will be competing in the upcoming Ultimate Chef Competition. This year competitors will be Chef Pascal Hurtebize versus Chef Marsh Elliott.

In past years the Chef Competition took place during a specific time slot. Spectators gathered and watched as each team prepared their meals for a panel of judges and a few high bidders. Despite not actually getting to sample the food, the competition has always been an exciting, crowd drawing event—watching the teams in action, the anticipation of whether they will be ready when the timer stops. This year, the competition is going to be structured differently from previous years allowing everyone the opportunity to sample their skillfully prepared fare! Chef teams will be assembling the same dishes this year and will begin cooking the morning of the festival. They will be ready to serve to the crowd at 1pm. For five dollars you can get a sample from each team as well as one ticket to cast your vote as to who is most deserving of the title “Ultimate Chef”.

Atwood Vacations is always a proud sponsor of Edisto United and the Edisto Eats Food Festival. They do so much in our community to help benefit the education, well-being and over all success of the youth on our island. Edisto United is comprised of several different sectors that each have a different focus—Edisto Elves, Project Based Learning, Edisto Eats and Edisto Youth Athletics. These groups assist the children in a myriad of ways including making sure they have all the tools they need for each school year, sending kids to educational summer camps, and recently organizing a basketball team. One activity under Project Based Learning is boat building. Each year students get the opportunity to actively participate in building an exquisitely crafted boat teaching them to work as a team as well as to learn and apply math skills. The boat will be on display and raffled off at the festival.

The Atwood team will be there throughout the day under our tent. If you can make it, stop by and say “hello”! We hope to see you there!

Travel Insurance

Life has always had its uncertainties, but the expense and time of planning a vacation can take a toll on ones energy and wallet. We surely hope this year will be better than the previous, but the effect of the recession are still lingering throughout our town and yours as well. We are always receiving calls about how people can save on a vacation. There are always last minute specials and great deals, but the best way to save is through travel insurance. Travel Guard now protects our guests that take out policies. We offer this for an additional fee for all rentals. We never like to think of the worst, but what if there was an emergency? Depending on the situation, you could be reimbursed in full for your vacation instead of forfeiting your entire cost. Please consider travel insurance when making your reservation. If you would like to request a copy of our coverage with Travel Guard, please email us at

Throw Me A Bone!


It would be an understatement to say that all of us at Atwood Vacations & Real Estate love our dogs.  We treat them like they’re our children and agree that each of them has hung the moon.  Our interoffice check-ins often bring laughter and smiles when mentioning the fun and joy that our dogs: Gypsy, Endar, the new puppy that is guaranteed a great life with Erin, Virgil, Chloe, Dixie, Cooper, Fanny, Ug, Bo, Madison, Rock, Pepper, Lucky, and Finn, bring to us.  This connection keeps all of us laughing and smiling.  Even naughty behavior is shared quickly as if made the cover of a trashy celebrity gossip magazine.  All of our pups adore Edisto as much as we do.  We couldn’t imagine taking a vacation without them. 

Did you know that Edisto is the most pet friendly beach in South Carolina?  Relaxed leash laws and pet friendly businesses welcome everyone whether you have two or four legs.  It’s never been easier to enjoy a quality vacation with your entire family. 

Edisto Pet Tips & Hints

  • Pets must be on a leash from May 1-October 31.
  • From November 1-April 30 all pets on the beach must be under voice command of the owner or on a leash.
  • Please clean up after your pet. Ask for extra bags at the Bi-Lo when you are shopping.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bowl and fresh water especially during the warmer weather. Dogs tend to swallow lots of salt water when swimming which can lead to dehydration much faster.
  • Be familiar with the signs of heat stroke.
  • Follow this safety advice from Animal Planet!

Search for your pet friendly vacation home today or look through all of our Pet Friendly Properties!

Don’t be in the dog house by waiting to book.