An Edisto Morning

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A few days ago, Leslie and I were out updating photos and videos at a home on our rental program that had recently completed some updates. After what felt like weeks of gloomy, rainy weather the sun beaming down on us that morning felt extra radiant. To further our time outdoors, after finishing up at the house we decided to go check out the beach at access 28 where a portion of the current beach nourishment was slated to take place. If you are not aware of this ongoing project, you can learn more by reading our previous blog post here.

When we arrived at the beach, it was evident that the sand had already been put in place. The walk down the beach path was a steeper incline than usual and tire tracks could still be seen in the freshly placed sand. The water was flat and calm, simply glistening as it soaked in the warm rays. As tempting as it was to stay and enjoy the beach, we still had a whole workday ahead of us and needed to head back to the office. Here’s Leslie jumping for joy at the amazing weather before heading back to the car…

Prior to our quick visit to the beach, we had already placed an order for breakfast burritos from Tortugas Mexican Grill. If you have not tried Tortugas yet—do it! You won’t be disappointed! We both opted for the House Breakfast Burrito boasting the delicious house made spicy chorizo, freshly scrambled eggs, crispy potatoes, cheddar jack cheese, sour cream, pork green chile and we both chose the mild sauce (if you like to burn your face off, they have options for that too!). Our burritos were ready for us to pick up when we arrived and since we had already paid when placing the order online, our stop at Tortugas—in the Jungle Road Shopping Center—was quick!

Enjoy this photo of us with our burritos before stuffing our faces!…

All in all, I think we’d both agree that this was an exceptional morning and a great way to start the day. What’s your favorite morning routine when you are in Edisto? Have you tried Tortugas Mexican Grill yet? If you decide to go for lunch or dinner rather than breakfast (which is served until 11am) my other favorites are the Shrimp Burrito or Carne Asada Chimichanga—but, I still have many items left to try. Yum!!!

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