Atlantic Ocean vs. St. Helena Sound

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the “Sound Side” of the beach versus just, the Beach? Do you enjoy boogie boarding or body surfing a wave crashing to the shore? Or, is your preference to float and relax in gentle waters enjoying a beverage or conversation? Maybe you’ve noticed on our rental home location filter that you can search for a home by “Beach Front” or “Beach Front on The Sound”. But what does this mean?

If you visit the beach anywhere from the Edisto Beach State Park to about the 3000 block you will be enjoying the Atlantic Ocean. Older children (of all ages!) who enjoy jumping or riding waves will have a blast on this side of the beach. After crossing the 3000 block all the way down to the 3600 block you will find yourself at the St. Helena Sound or “the Sound Side” of the beach. This section of the island is a protected area away from the energy of the ocean. Smaller children, just being introduced to the beach, may find this section a little less intimidating.

Islands surrounding this coastal inlet—Edisto Island, Otter Island, St. Helena Island, Harbor Island, Hunting Island and even Fripp Island—create a barrier from the Atlantic resulting in calm waters and an excellent expanse of beach for shelling. Included in this 7.5 miles stretch of water are the mouths of the Ashepoo, Combahee and south branch of the Edisto rivers which make up what is known as the ACE Basin.

There is no wrong choice in deciding where to drop your beach chair! All of Edisto Beach offers the tranquility found when gazing the horizon, the healing salt air and the water crashing or lapping the shore.

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