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If you’ve been to the beach in the last week, you probably caught a glimpse of the tractors and dump trucks. No, you are not having flashbacks to 2017 when beach nourishment and groin lengthening took place after Hurricane Matthew. In fact, unlike the beach nourishment from 2017, sand is being brought in from an upland source rather than being dredged and pumped onto the beach. The sand is compatible to natural beach sand and is being placed in sections that have eroded since Edisto’s shoreline was impacted by Hurricane Dorian on September 5, 2019. It is estimated that a total of 30,414 cubic yards was lost due to the storm and the same amount is to be replaced during this project. This is a FEMA regulated project, and the completion deadline is set for March 30, 2021. The affected areas in which sand is being restored are the 100-300 blocks and the 2800 block of Palmetto Blvd.

If you are vacationing in Edisto during this time, please remember that any noise and/or minor delays that you may experience due to the nourishment project are necessary to ensure we can all continue to enjoy our beloved Edisto Beach for many seasons to come!

For more information and updates on this project, visit the website for the Town of Edisto Beach here.

To revisit beach nourishment and groin lengthening from 2017, click here.

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