McConkey’s Far and Wide

Posted on: Feb 05, 2020 by

McConkey’s tasty food and family traditions were the last things I expected to hear about as my daughter and I visited our chiropractor earlier this week.  Not only was it out of the ordinary for a chiropractors office conversation, it was the fact that the chiropractor is an hour and half from Edisto!  Good food is always on the mind of most foodies, and Dr. Dawn was excited to tell us about her first motorcycle trip she had planned with her boyfriend on their new bike. She asked him if he knew where he was taking her on their first motorcycle trip.  “Yes.  To Edisto so you can go eat at McConkey’s” he replied. Dr. Dawn was beaming as she talked about her upcoming trip to Edisto.  She went on to elaborate on what a tradition it was for her whole family and even rattled off the favorite dishes of a few members of her family.  That is not the type of enthusiasm you see for many restaurants and it got me thinking about what a magical little place McConkey’s has become.  It is the full package when it comes to a great place to dine.  Wonderful food, family friends, great and interesting decor and a friendly staff you see year after year that keep inviting you back in.    Thank you McConkey’s for being such a big part of the Edisto experience and a part of our lives.  I know we have some great family memories there.  What are yours?  

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