Edisto Beach Christmas Parade

Atwood Vacations had really big shoes to fill during the annual Edisto Beach Christmas Parade on December 14.  Stretching from the 700 block of Palmetto Blvd. around past the Pavilion, this event is attended by locals and visitors alike!  Atwood took first prize in 2012 with a wonderful, handcrafted float that took many hours and late evenings to build. Singing Jingle Bells for the judges, the entire Atwood Vacations & Real Estate staff mustered enough spirit to be awarded second prize this year!  Typically, we have more than enough spirit, but the cold, wind, and torrential winter rain made this an unforgettable Christmas event.  Now that we’ve dried out and warmed up, we are already looking forward to winning again in 2014!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all of us on Edisto.

The Atwood Vacations Family

Best Day Ever

Every day on Edisto is a good day.  As many of you like to put it, a bad day on Edisto is better than a good day any where else. For some, the peace and serenity that can be found on only the beaches of Edisto lend itself to make a special day the best day ever.  For others, it is having three generations of family under one roof for the first time in twenty years that makes a remarkable day the best day ever. Everyone’s version sounds different.  Some love the solitude of a quick nap from a hammock while others enjoy the sound of their children frolicking on the shores of the St. Helena Sound.  Some seek the beauty of sunset at Botany Bay while others prefer kayaking through Scott Creek on an overcast summer afternoon peeking in on the bounty of life that call Edisto home.   What does your “best day ever” look like?

Does in come served in a frosty glass?
Is your best day found where the water meets the land?
Does your “best day ever” involve getting a little dirty?

Edisto Is…

• Crossing the bridge and feeling the stresses of life melt away while calmness and peace wash over like an afternoon rain. • The Mystery Tree…perfectly decorated for every holiday. • A King’s Market chicken salad sandwich and an Orange Crush in the bottle. • A grocery cart full of goodies- beer, water, soft drinks, chips, bread, lunch meat and a box of fried chicken compliments of THE Pig. • Dolphins feeding, jumping and slapping their tails at the mouth of Big Bay Creek. • Driving down Botany Bay Road in the dappled light of the mossy oaks…a magical cathedral of wonder. • A bike ride on a hot pink beach cruiser to McKonkey’s for a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone. • Throwing the cast net with the setting sun outlining a million sparkling droplets. Will it be a doughnut or a taco? • Conch shells hidden like jewels among oyster shells, driftwood, shark’s teeth and other broken treasures of the sea. • Fishing boats returning to the marina at the end of the day. No Wake Zone. • Waves roaring, laughing gulls bellowing, children playing and hearts slowing to a calm and peaceful beat. • Seabirds of all shapes and sizes perching, flying, fishing and calling to one another…pieces of live art in the marsh grass. • Cold watermelon, cupcakes and juice boxes handed out from the back of a pickup at the end of the Fourth of July parade. • A hot shower outside combined with the refreshing ocean breeze after a glorious day on the beach. • The mile long line at the Lion’s Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for Bingo. • A perfect dinner of boiled shrimp, tomato pie, squash fritters, sweet corn, sliced cucumbers and icy chunks of field-ripened cantaloupe…everything “in season.” • Volunteers walking at dawn looking for the unmistakable track of the elusive Loggerhead turtle…another season for the Edisto Beach Turtle Project. • Families gathering on the Sound to witness the majestic hot pink, orange and red hues of a perfect sunset. Everyone claps when it finally disappears below the horizon. • An ice cold beer with a tangy lime floating on the surface with salty boiled peanuts still warm from the pot and a rocking chair on a screened porch. • Paddling in a kayak and witnessing a baby porpoise learning hunting techniques from mom.  

Edisto Seafood

Edisto Seafood has been a staple here for over 40years. Opened in 1964 and currently run by the third generation of Fontain’s this family run business is the only place to get Edisto shrimp. Supplied by the only shrimp boat left on Edisto, the Sara Jane, on a busy summer day they can sell more than 300 lbs of shrimp and in the off season about 25 lbs per day. We Edistonians eat a lot of shrimp! The season opens in June every year to commercial shrimp boats. The season varies from year to year according to the winter before and each species of shrimp has its own season. The row shrimp have the first season after the DNR has established enough row has been laid for the next generation. Brown shrimp is next followed by the white shrimp with the longest season of all. The public has its season as well bringing in smaller catches with daily limits. Using cast nets and drop nets with bait to attract the shrimp. A license is required and the DNR makes frequent stops to check for permits and quantities. Come on down to Edisto and enjoy your shrimp diner with a little more insight in to the shrimp and the area.

Good Food Found

The majority of tourists are gone and our little island town sits sleepy in the sun again. The weather is cooling already and breezes carry a hint of fall nip to come. Shrimp boats are bobbing on the waters gathering up the goodness from below. In a few more months oysters will be ready for harvest and people will be lined up in the winter chill around steaming oyster tables, feasting on our islands bounty. On Edisto we have an amazing ability to go out and gather food from Mother Nature. We gather and hunt wild grapes for fruit and wine, shrimp, fish, crab, oysters, venison and turkey; all growing in plenty around our coastal home. The tables are set and its time to eat on Edisto!

All In The Family

One of our most common requests in the rental department is for rental home that can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. Many of our guests travel with their elderly family member; perhaps they are the person who started the tradition of the Edisto Beach vacation many years ago. While the Edisto Beach does provide a great vacation spot the obligation of constant care for your elderly family member can leave you with out much time to relax and enjoy yourself. Our vacationers to Edisto Beach have a wonderful opportunity with business owner Bridgett Rinaldi of Tender Touch Home Care. Offering full in home care day or night for your loved ones allows you the freedom to enjoy activities and the nightlife with out the worry of leaving someone alone. “Tender Touch Home Care, LLC is more than just a home-care agency. We are an organization with a calling, a purpose, and a passion to serve others. We are committed to being honest, sincere, and trustworthy in all aspects of our company. We adhere to high quality and performance standards and strive to exceed the expectations of the individuals and families we serve. Our values are what set us apart. Whether it is our clients, families or staff….people are the most important part of our business.”- Bridgett Rinaldi owner of Tender Touch Home Care For more information on Tender touch Home Care please visit there web page at http://www.tendertouchhomecarellc.com/index.html for full information on getting the care you need for that special someone.

Island Biking!

Did you ever hear that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget? Now when was the last time you rode a bike? How about a beach cruiser around a tiny beach town complete with a basket on front and a smile on your face? I’ll admit it; I did just that not too long ago thanks to our neighbors at Island Bikes and Outfitters. We had a group of friends visiting the beach and we decided to get bikes for the day. What an amazing way to get around Edisto! We biked all through the miles of bike paths, to the grocery store, fish market and the beach. Taking a cruise down the side roads in the cool night air sent us back to child hood days when your bike was your greatest possession and your only limitation was your curfew. If water sports are more up your alley check out the selection on kayak rentals they have and go explore our vast creeks and tributaries. The store is full of great buys from clothes and shoes to biking, fishing and boating accessories not to mention countless other must haves. If you have lots of tots in your group you might need to rent a golf cart to make the rounds from the house to the beach and every place you can think of when you realize how fun driving the cart around is! Make sure you stop by Island Bike and Outfitter and take a look around!

Adventure in Edisto!

Who loves finding sharks teeth on the beach, or anywhere for that matter? Everyone! At least they should. Treasure hunting just never gets old and can be quite addictive for some people. Did you know that our ACE Basin of the South Edisto River is a treasure chest in it’s self? Grab your swim suits and sun block and head out for a day of treasure hunting with the guides and expert fossil finders at ACE Basin Adventure. Owners and operators Joey and Daryl started treasure hunting them selves on the weekends. Their hobby evolved as rapidly as there passion for fossil hunting. Eventually they created an air pump for the boat that allowed them to hook up from extended air lines and stay down longer with out the hassle of running out of air from scuba tanks. After taking a few friends out the requests stared pouring in and friends started crawling out of the wood work. It was time to go pro. Cool right? Can you imagine swimming just under the surface of the water guided by seasoned treasure hunters and pulling up an ancient Megaladon tooth the size of a 5 gallon gas can? Or bringing home hundreds of sharks teeth and other fossils after just one afternoon? It happens quite frequently with these guys, just another day in the office. So as you make your plans for your Edisto Adventure make sure to give the guys a call at ACE Basin Adventures and line up a day for the whole family to dive into history! Ace Basin Adventures Owned and operated by Joey and Daryl tell them your Atwood key number and get a discount on a group of five or more! Call and book today 704-763-5826 or 843-709-1017