The Pavilion, an Edisto classic!

Having visiting family and friends come stay with us on Edisto always presents and opportunity to see things with the joy of a tourist. This weekend we had the pleasure of revistiting The Pavilion. The weather had not been cooperating for our planed boat ride, so we all ambled down to the newly christened Pier Pressure (formerly Coot’s) for a drink and to let the kids play video games. The new bar is more than comfortable and the views of the churning sea that day was mesmerizing.  As the kids poured their life savings of quarters into the video games and munched away on treats from the kitchen our guests enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Pavilion. Their eagerness over the views, new bar, food and out door spaces with beach views made me recall The Pavilions role in many great times we have had as a family on Edisto.  We have been stuck at The Pavilion after a beach day due to a fallen tree blocking our way home. We were tired, sandy and had our dog with us. What seems like could have been a disaster to many people turned out to be one of our favorite times. The dog was welcomed in (old Coot’s out back) we purchased dry warm clothes from the Sanders Brothers at the gift shop and had a great night!

 Sometimes you have to take the time to remember why something is special to you. So if you haven’t visited The Pavilion in a while take the time to step in and enjoy it. It has everything you need! (most importantly ice cold beer!)

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