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Edisto Living: Helpful Hints & FAQ

Edisto Beach and Edisto Island are in two separate counties. Edisto Beach is part of Colleton County and includes a portion of the island up to Palmetto Road (Just behind the ACE Hardware store). The rest of Edisto Island is part of Charleston County. Part of the charm of Edisto is how quiet it is. That’s because most of the island is used in some form of agriculture, but don’t let that fool you. Edisto has plenty to offer to make living on the island as exciting or quiet as you want it to be.

The town of Edisto Beach services it’s public with full emergency services, elected officials, civic services and utilities. Water and sewer are only available for certain parts of the beach, so make sure you understand if your new home will be serviced through the town or private well and septic. There is trash service, a town dump that takes recycling, and the town well for filtered water if desired.

Edisto Island is governed under St. Paul’s district and maintained by Charleston County. There are two Fire and EMT stations on the island and they are patrolled by the Sheriff’s department. Given Edisto’s rural status there is no public water, sewer or trash collection. All homes are provided for by private wells and septic systems. Trash can either be taken to the dump on the island or you can hire a private trash company to remove household garbage, lawn trimmings, and bulk items.

Waterways and boat landings are easy to access from all parts of Edisto. We have four public boat landings to let you drop into your closest desired part of the island for fishing, cruising, shrimping or just plain old exploring! If you are looking for land-based fun we have great biking paths, a state park for hiking, the Learning Center, a playground, art market, and parks. Find information on these here.

For families looking to move here, schools are a major concern. The beach no longer has its own school. Beach and Island children through the 6th grade can attend the Jane Edwards Elementary School on HWY 174. The Presbyterian church has a preschool, The Anne Rooney Presbyterian Preschool for ages 18 months to 4 years.

Middle and High School can attend the school they are zoned for or apply for the Lowcountry Leadership Charter School in Meggett, SC about 25 minutes from Edisto and on the way to Charleston. This is a lottery based enrollment, so entry is not guaranteed.

While it seems like Edisto is far away from the city of Charleston you can quickly get there if you take the Toogoodoo Rd cut through from HWY 174, versus going all the way up HWY 174 to HWY 17. This will take you directly into Hollywood/Ravenel/Meggett where you will find the closest pharmacy located in the Piggly Wiggly, a CVS, a Food Lion, Tractor Supply and other businesses.