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Edisto Beach Rentals With a Pool

Below is a list of properties that feature a private pool. For more detailed information click the property photo. Some pools can be heated for a fee. To request pool heating give us a call or leave a note in the comments section at check out.

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Are the pools heated in your Edisto Beach vacation rentals?

Yes, many of our vacation rental pools have the option for heating. The cost to heat one of our vacation rental pools is $140/night, with a 2 night minimum on pool heating.

Do you use salt water or chlorine in your vacation rental pools?

This varies from property to property, depending on the preferences of our homeowners and the needs of each specific pool. Please contact our office if you have questions about a specific pool.

Are any of your rentals with a pool pet friendly?

Yes, several of our Edisto Beach rentals with a pool are also pet friendly. However, we ask that you please do not allow your pet to go into the pool. To find our pool properties that are also pet friendly, use the search filter above, or look for the paw print icon next to property names.

When is it warm enough to swim in the pools on Edisto Island?

Here on Edisto Island, the weather starts to warm up enough for swimming as early as April when temperatures start to creep up into the mid-high 70’s. Prime pool season is in the spring/summer, as we see temperatures in the 80s-90s from May to September.