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Jon Guza - Posted: 10/26/2012

My family has visited Edisto each summer for several years. We plan for months and look forward to the day when we can drive over the big bridge and onto the island. My fascination with Edisto was intensified especially after learning of its rich history. In addition to the beautiful beach and coastal community, the whole island is a source of imagination.
We’ve always been a family of tradition and everyone wallows in the things we’ve come to love about being at Edisto. Each day begins with coffee and catching the sunrise. Then, breakfast on the porch. Afternoons are for naps, swimming, reading, and catching up with each other. Evenings are always together at the dinner table, having fresh shrimp or making pizza. The adults among us find time for cocktails in the late afternoons, basking in that lazy detachment that makes the beach vacation so special. Cards, board games or just catching a classic movie are what the evenings are about.

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