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At Atwood Vacations we understand that your home is a substantial investment. As your property managers, we are prepared to care for your home as if it were our own. We focus on combining the three aspects of property management — marketing, property care and account services in order to ensure that owning an Edisto Beach home is easier and more profitable than ever! We are committed to our homeowners and ready to customize our program to meet your goals. Our focus is not renting the most homes, but renting the best homes and providing top tier services to our homeowners and guests alike.

We invite you to explore everything that the Atwood Property Management program has to offer. We hope that the information below will provide you with a good idea of who we are and how we operate. Please stop in and meet our team of licensed property managers who are excited to help make your home a successful rental and provide a level of service that comes with 60 years of experience!

Industry Leading Marketing

Property Care

At Atwood Vacations we take on the responsibility of keeping your home clean and in good working order. We employ a 24-hour in-house maintenance department along with a 2-part housekeeping system. Under our 2-part housekeeping system, every effort is made to ensure the same cleaning and inspection staff is assigned to your home throughout the rental season. Constancy in cleaners and inspectors is vital to protecting your home as well as ensuring each guest is just as satisfied as the next.

  • Features of our 24-Hour In-House Maintenance Services include:
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    • Same day service for problems affecting guest use or enjoyment of the property
    • Project Management for renovations including Upgrade/Marketability Evaluation, Composition of Competitive Bids, and Renovation/Construction Oversight
    • Hurricane Preparation
    • Winterization & De-Winterization
    • Specialty & Counsel regarding Coastal Home Maintenance and preventative measures
    • After Hours Emergency Line manned by live and local trustworthy Atwood staff
    • Should a licensed expert be necessary, we offer a comprehensive list of dependable local vendors who specialize in all venues of property maintenance.
  • Features of our 2-Part Housekeeping Services include:
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    • Professional departure cleaning following our Atwood standard cleaning checklist
    • Complete linen service
    • Spring cleaning services
    • Additional cleaning services including mold, mildew and water intrusion removal


    Your assigned inspection team will reference your home’s customized inspection check-list following each guests stay to ensure that specific and important items are accounted for. The Atwood Vacations inspection services also include: Click to learn more

    • Change filters, bulbs and batteries to ensure that guests and owners will be arriving to a fully functional home.
    • Ensure entertainment equipment is functioning properly and ready for use.
    • Supervisors are notified immediately of damages or missing items.
    • Perform annual inventory inspection.
    • Install annual stock of mattress pads, pillow case covers, HVAC filters, light bulbs, and batteries. We offer volume discounts to homeowners for the purchase of supplies.

Account Services

  • Monthly Owner’s Statement & Direct Deposit of Income
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    • Reconciled at the end of each month and sent by the 15th of the following month
    • Your monthly statement will indicate all activity such as dates of reservations, reservation source distinction, income earned, management fee and an itemized list of expenses for exceptional clarity.
  • Tax Preparation
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    Every homeowner receives a complete recap of their yearly income and expense, accompanied by an annual 1099 to aid with tax preparation.

    Our full service accounting department also satisfies state and local requirements by administering the following:

    • SC Sales & Accommodations Tax Collections & Payment
    • Escrow Accounts for Rent
    • Edisto Beach Business License Assistance

Owner Testimonials

“I tried two other rental companies on Edisto before bring my business to Atwood. One company that I tried prior to Atwood did a great job of renewing previous visitors to my house on Pompano; however, their housekeeping was poor and we did not see many rentals in the off season. The other company that I tried was a smaller rental agency who had a change in ownership shortly after we hired them. The new owners really were not in the rental business and it became painfully obvious when my home rented only 1 week in July. We talked with Atwood on several occasions during these times, and chose to not to partner with them which was a mistake both times. In the fall of 2017 we made the change to Atwood. They are professional and have fulfilled our issues with the other companies. They rent our property in the off season and their housekeeping department is great. They check the home regularly to let me know things that I need to address, and they inform me of issues that affect my rental potential. Their goal is my goal - do the things to make the house create income with the fewest problems. I think they are the BEST rental agency in Edisto.”

Southern Charm

“Two years ago we fulfilled a dream by purchasing a home on Edisto Island. We had been vacationing and enjoying the peace and tranquility of Edisto Island for ten years and made the decision that this would be our second home. Our primary home is in Pennsylvania, over 800 miles away, we were concerned about all a vacation rental home may require. Atwood Vacations & Real Estate had previously managed the rental of our home and they were wonderful in guiding us through the process and recommending steps we could take to make our guests more comfortable. Their guidance proved to be invaluable and our relationship has continued to grow. We are miles away and never worry; they are our partners and friends. Atwood has proven their ability to manage our rental home and has earned our trust and confidence. It is truly a dream come true to own this home and have such a great partnership.”

Norm and Cindy D.
Second Row Beach Home

“We built our dream beach house fifteen years ago. It doesn’t seem that long ago even though time at Edisto moves slowly. We have tried a couple of rental companies in that time and were disappointed on many levels and for many reasons. Then we found Atwood Vacations! Our experience with Atwood has been extraordinary. Their staff is always friendly and helpful. They go the extra mile for owners and renters. Just a little call or a short email and they quickly respond to any concern or need. We are not just a property number with Atwood. We are part of their family.”

Mike and Lynne C.
Beach Walk Home

“After falling in love with Edisto Island several years ago, I was finally able to purchase my homes about five years ago. At that time, I continued using the rental company that the previous owners were using, but quickly became disillusioned with their poor service and guest screening. As soon as I met with Leslie Varner Hurley and the Atwood Vacations staff, I knew that I had found the perfect group to care for and list my houses. They have been phenomenal to work with--answering my inquiries immediately, assisting with repairs and looking after my home as if it were their own. When Hurricane Matthew hit Edisto in October 2016, I was able to rest a bit easier knowing that Atwood was on the job. Their communication during that difficult time was seamless and they kept me apprised of damages, visiting and repair schedules and other pertinent information. Atwood Vacations has exceeded my expectations as a rental company. They are friendly, professional and efficient--the best on the island.”

Wyndham Ocean Ridge

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